Best Websites To Learn About Cryptocurrency

It doesn’t matter if you only want to hold a few crypto coins or to start trading, knowing the best websites to learn about cryptocurrency can make a huge difference and determine how profitable you will be in the industry. 

Best Websites To Learn About Cryptocurrency As A Beginner

The cryptocurrency fundamentals, news and developments, step-by-step guides, coins to buy, investment tips, predictions, and lots more, learning is the only way to know the right way to do things, minimize loss and become profitable in the crypto space.

I know this because I have been in this game for some time, I have made my share of beginner mistakes, got better, and I can tell you confidently that most of the losers in crypto are mainly those who ignored the learning part.

If you ask me, I’d say that no one should put their hard-earned money into something they know nothing about. It may have worked for a lot of people, mostly the early adopters, but it is completely a different ball game right now. 

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So in this post, I will be revealing to you where to learn about crypto, and the best websites to learn about cryptocurrency. 

Best Websites To Learn About Cryptocurrency

1. YouTube

What exactly is the thing that you are looking for?

YouTube should be your first place to look at when looking for the best websites to learn about cryptocurrency.

It is a wonderful platform where you can find anything, including cryptocurrency videos for beginners, and even for experienced traders.

There you will find insightful videos of almost anything you are looking for relating to cryptocurrency, guides, tutorials, etc. You are just a search away from your answer, just put the word.

Over the years, I have learned a lot about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by just watching free YouTube videos. 

Even today, I still look to YouTube videos when I have something new to learn.

All you have to do is to search for the word or to know the right channel to turn to. 

2. Coinbase Learn

Coinbase Learn is another wonderful place to start your cryptocurrency journey regardless of your level.

Beginner guides, tips and tutorials, market updates, and lots more, this is one of the best places where to learn about crypto.

If you are serious about learning about cryptocurrency then you should try out CoinBase learn, it is free. 

3. Twitter

Just like YouTube, Twitter is another platform filled with experts and influencers who talks about crypto, making it one of the best place to learn cryptocurrency directly from those who know it better.

While it may not be exactly like YouTube, by following the right people on Twitter, you are certain to go above your peers in the crypto space. 

All you have to do is to locate the right accounts and you are good to go.

Luckily, I have written a post on the Best 25 Crypto Twitter Accounts To Follow

While you will find other accounts by yourself, the list contains a great starting point for anyone looking to learn crypto from experts on Twitter. 

4. Udemy

Udemy is another wonderful platform where users go to learn new skills, any skills from expert instructors. 

Compared to the other websites listed here, courses are not free, but paid courses, making it the best website to learn about cryptocurrency, because one thing is certain, you cannot compare something you learn for free to something you paid money to learn. 

The ones you paid money to learn will always be more useful, and that is why millions of people pay to learn cryptocurrency at Udemy despite all the free resources out there.

I highly recommend this platform for those looking for where to learn about crypto and trading. 

Just go to their website, search cryptocurrency and you will find the best online courses on learning cryptocurrency. 

Important: you can also find free crypto courses at Udemy just in case you don’t have the money to pay, but as mentioned already, you cannot compare something you learn for free to something you paid money to learn.

5. Reddit

Like YouTube and Twitter, Reddit is another platform to learn everything you want, and that is including cryptocurrencies. 

All you have to do is to locate and subscribe to the best crypto subreddits where other traders, experts, and thought leaders share their knowledge and valuable industry experience. 

Both /r/CryptoCurrency and /r/CryptoMarkets are two of the best subreddits to start from.

6. Binance Academy

Like CoinBase Learn, Binance Academy is also a great website to learn about cryptocurrency. 

While CoinBase Learn was created by CoinBase crypto exchange, the Binance Academy was created by Binance, the largest crypto exchange where you can buy, store, and trade cryptocurrencies.

Haven gone through the Binance Academy contents, I can tell you confidently that it is also a good place for anyone who wants to learn and understand cryptocurrency. 

7. CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is not like the other websites listed here, but if you are going to learn about crypto then it is only right for you to know the best website where you can find real-time prices of all the cryptocurrencies in the world. 

This is where CoinMarketCap comes in, the best among the rest when it comes to tracking real-time crypto prices

Live crypto prices, current market cap, 24-hour trading volume, circulating supply, a seven-day price graph, market statistics, historical data, and lots more. 

The list is endless, the things you can do with CoinMarketCap.

8. ChoosingCrypto

ChoosingCrypto is a go-to website for beginners who are just getting started in the crypto market, as well as the intermediate hoping to become an expert faster.

We are building a trustworthy brand by providing crypto guides, tools, and tips, everything you will ever need to invest in crypto and make profits continuously rather than losses.

Stick with us for the very best cryptocurrency content. 

You can start by grabbing our FREE eBook for Beginners.


I just showed you the best websites to learn about cryptocurrency, however, depending on who you listen to on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit, it is important to look out for scams and scammers. 

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IMPORTANT; you must never send money to anyone you meet online asking to help you invest in cryptocurrency. They are scammers. Crypto is easy, and you can do it all by yourself.


The information presented here should not be used as the sole basis of any investment decisions, nor should it be construed as financial, tax, legal, or accounting advice. I will also advise that you invest in cryptocurrency only what you are comfortable living without, at least temporarily.

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