How Long Does KYC Take Before Verification

How long does KYC take? Is it a few minutes or hours, or does it take days before you get confirmed?

How Long Does KYC Take Before Verification

Maybe you are about to create a new account with, or you have created your account already, submitted your KYC for verification, and wondering how long you may have to wait while it is pending. 

I felt the same when I created my crypto account after I submitted my KYC for verification. 

Surprisingly it took me less than the time I was expecting, and nothing has changed yet when it comes to how long KYC verification takes, even though it is not everyone that gets so lucky.

How Long Does KYC Take

From my own experience and that of my friends who have an account with the platform, I can tell you that the KYC does not have an exact time for verification, but you should expect your account to get verified between 24-48 hours upon submitting the KYC.

But I have also met someone who had to wait three (3) days before his KYC got verified by, so anything can happen.

It all depends on the volume of requests they may be facing at the time.

With that said, if the approval is taking too much time and you are wondering if your KYC is not working, below you can find a few things that may cause them to reject your KYC documents.

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Why Rejects KYC Verification 

1. If the government-issued ID you submitted has expired.

2. If the name you entered is not the same as that on your Identity document.

3. When your selfie is not showing some of your upper body, especially your shoulders.

Also, make sure to write your own account ID on the note, not the account ID on the example picture.

If you don’t know what your account ID is, or how to find it, then click here to learn how to find your account ID


Many things can affect the KYC approval time. But if you have done everything correctly, you can always contact them by submitting a ticket to find out why the approval is taking longer. 

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