How To Pronounce Dogecoin Correctly (Video)

Would you like to know how to pronounce Dogecoin? How to say Dogecoin correctly?

How To Pronounce Dogecoin Correctly

To know if you have been pronouncing it the right way or not.

You really don’t want people looking at you in some way when you pronounce Dogecoin in the public. 

You want to come out, full of confidence, knowing that you are saying the right thing.

Not like the guy I met some weeks back.

So, in this post, I will be revealing the correct pronunciation of Dogecoin according to its co-founder Jackson Palmer, an Adobe software engineer who teamed up with IBM software engineer Billy Markus to create the coin. 

This is a coin that started in December 2013 as a joke.

A coin that is now publicly supported by influential tech CEO and billionaire Elon Musk, who said he will keep supporting Dogecoin.

Elon Musk’s support has been influential in the increased demand for Dogecoin and its price surge. 

But without further delay, let’s dive right in on how to pronounce Dogecoin.

How To Pronounce Dogecoin

There are different ways people pronounce Dogecoin. They include ‘Dodge-koin’, ‘Dog-ee koin’, ‘Dohg koin’, and many more.

But according to its co-founder Jackson Palmer, the correct way to pronounce Dogecoin is ‘Dohj-Koin’.

You can watch the short video below and listen to Palmer saying it by himself.

I think you should always go with Jackson Palmer’s ‘Dohj-Koin’ as the correct way to pronounce Dogecoin.

Don’t go with those who said what you call it does not matter.


Now you know how to pronounce Dogecoin, and I hope you find the post helpful.

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