The Best Crypto Hardware Wallets for Storing Crypto Offline

It is well-known that storing your cryptocurrencies offline is the best way to keep them secure, as compared to leaving them on the exchanges, but what is the best crypto hardware wallet for storing crypto offline?

The Best Crypto Hardware Wallet for Storing Crypto Offline

Because, if you are going to store your cryptocurrencies offline, then it is only right that you use the best crypto hardware wallet.

The most secure crypto hardware wallet, so you can sleep comfortably at night knowing your money is safe.

You don’t want a hardware wallet that will disappoint you, rather you want a wallet that will protect your digital assets like no other method.

Top advice, if you want to do something, do it the right way.  

What are Crypto Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets are a type of crypto wallet that securely keep a user’s cryptocurrency in offline or cold storage. 

They work by storing your private keys in an external, physical device similar to a USB stick.

Hardware wallets are widely considered to be the most secure option for storing cryptocurrencies.

Crypto hardware wallets provide users with total control over their crypto assets.

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Why you Should use Crypto Hardware Wallet 

1. Maximum Security

Hardware wallets keep your private keys offline at all times, which gives hackers zero chance to attack or steal your crypto.

The same cannot be said about money in hot wallets, or crypto exchanges that have been hacked in the past, where customers’ funds were stolen.

2. Control 

Unlike in crypto exchanges where you do not have control of your private keys, hardware wallets give you 100% control over your private keys, granting you full ownership and control of your cryptocurrencies.

Not even the government can take your funds from you.

What is The Best Crypto Hardware Wallet for Storing Crypto Offline

Below you will find two of the best crypto hardware wallet for storing cryptocurrencies offline. 

1. Ledger Nano X

ledger nano x crypto hardware wallet
Source: Ledger

Ledger Nano X is the second hardware wallet introduced by Ledger, it was released in 2019 as an upgrade to the Ledger Nano S – a good hardware wallet as well.

The Ledger Nano X has a much bigger screen compared to Nano S. It also has much bigger buttons and is easier to click.

The Nano X strikes a good balance between simplicity and security, suitable for novice and advanced crypto traders.

Ledger Nano X supports over 1000 coins and tokens, including all the major coins like bitcoin, ethereum, XRP, and more.

When you compare Ledger Nano X to its competitors, the Nano X is one step ahead of the others.  

The Nano X also has Bluetooth connectivity.

Ledger Nano X costs about $149.

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2. Trezor Model T

trezor model t crypto hardware wallet
Source: Trezor

Trezor Model T is a hardware wallet made by a company called SatoshiLabs.

It was released in February 2018 as an upgrade to Trezor Model One. 

The Trezor T offers everything that comes with the Trezor One and more, making it one of the best hardware wallets.

Trezor T also supports over 1000 coins and tokens, including bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies.

Its outstanding features include a touchscreen, MicroSD card, and Shamir’s Secret Sharing method of splitting keys when backing them up to keep them secure.

Though the touchscreen function does not add extra security, it does bring a new level of usability.

The Trezor Model T costs about $213, making it more expensive than the Ledger Nano X.


If you are looking to keep your cryptocurrencies safe, then you must get a crypto hardware wallet.

You don’t want your hard-earned money to be at the mercy of crypto exchanges that can get hacked or disappear overnight with all your money.

Ledger Nano X and Trezor Model T are two of the best crypto hardware wallets. They lead while others follow.

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