How to Change Phone Number on Binance

If you changed your mobile phone number or lost access to it, and you want to know how to change phone number on Binance, you have come to the right guide. 

How to Change Phone Number on Binance

It is easy to do, yet to change phone number on Binance remains a big task for lots of Binance users. 

While I have seen some users that do not know if it is possible, others do not know how to go about it. 

But, in this guide, I will walk you step-by-step through how to change Binance phone number within 10 minutes. 

It does not matter if you lost your phone, if it was stolen from you, or if you changed it yourself. 

One important thing you should know is that keeping your crypto exchange phone number up to date for 2-factor authentication is one of the best ways to secure your cryptocurrencies

It provides extra security to your crypto exchange account, and you should never ignore it because, in the crypto market, securing your money is your responsibility. 

How to Change Phone Number on Binance

1. Go to Binance and Log in to your Account.

After you log into your account, tap on your Profile Icon and select Security from the dropdown.

how to change my phone number on binance app

2. Go to Security

From the Security screen, go to Phone Number Verification and click on Change

how to change binance phone number

3. Change Phone Number

When you get to Change Phone Number, go ahead and enter your New Phone Number, then click Get Code after entering the new phone number to get a Verification Code. 

Move down to Security Verification after that, then click Get Code to get both the email Verification code and phone number Verification code that will verify you are the account owner. 

Then click Submit after that. 

how to change phone number on binance

But if you do not have access to your old phone number, go ahead and click on ‘Security verification unavailable?‘. 

how to remove phone number from binance

After you click on ‘Security verification unavailable?‘ you will be redirected to a page where you can change your Binance phone number or email address.

binance phone number already linked to an account

Phone or email, select the unavailable one, and proceed to change it.


Changing your phone number on Binance to keep your account up to date is one of the good ways to secure your Binance account. 

However, you should know that Binance will disable withdrawal for 24 hours, sometimes 48 hours after you changed your Binance phone number. It is to protect your account, I like it, and you should as well.

So, if you intend to make a withdrawal, it is better to make your withdrawal before you can proceed with changing phone number on Binance.

It gives me great confidence knowing that if a scammer gets into my account and changes my phone number that they cannot make any withdrawal in 24 hours which is enough time for me to contact Binance. 

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IMPORTANT; you must never send money to anyone you meet online asking to help you invest in cryptocurrency. They are scammers. Crypto is easy, and you can do it all by yourself.


The information presented here should not be used as the sole basis of any investment decisions, nor should it be construed as financial, tax, legal, or accounting advice. I will also advise that you invest in cryptocurrency only what you are comfortable living without, at least temporarily.

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